Old Website

Old Website

Back in 2001 we had a previous journey around the world – 18 months spent in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and back across the pacific and US to arrive home in April 2003.

This is the website we made back then – was very lo-fi raw HTML, which I’ll try and re-create inside WordPress if it will let me! [And then go and fix all the links….]

Welcome to Richard and Jo’s website


We’ve created this site to document our travels over the next couple of years (Nov 2001 to Apr 2003), and share some photos and tales with our friends and family. It will start out pretty bare, but hopefully will get filled up with more stuff as we progress. Anyway, enough chat on with the content…

Quick insert: Here are the photos from our Egypt holiday (Feb 05).


Below is a list of links that have details of what we have been upto. Its currently organised as a list of the places we have been to, in the order we visited them, until I think of a better way to arrange it. At some point a nice clickable map might be added, but don’t hold your breath waiting.

South East Asia:

Finally we get to Australia:

Heading home:

Other Pages

Where are we now?

We are now back home – got back on 23 Apr 03, so nearly two months ago now. Got the house pretty much fixed up, bought a car, started thinking about work. Conclusions on thoughts about work are that we’d rather not, thanks, but probably will have to before too long… Been able to catch up with lots of friends as well which is great.

Update in July 03: Jo’s just turned 30 (had to get that in!), and I’ve just started doing some work from home. Still loving being back in London, which is good. And we’ve managed to travel a bit around the UK, seeing friends and places we’ve not been to before.

Update in Feb 04: We have had a few e-mails from people commenting on the site and enjoying it, thanks to you all. Work is happening despite our best attempts to avoid it. A few minor updates made to the odd page.

Update in Oct 06: We have had a lot of requests to use pictures etc. which is really nice, but have also seen one incident of a picture being used without permission – all text and pictures on this site are Copyright © and all rights are reserved. If you would like to use one of our pictures or some of the text then ask us – use one of the e-mail addresses on this page, we are normally very happy to let the pictures be used for non-commercial work, and our rates for commercial use are available on request.

If anyone spots any broken bits, or glaringly bad typos, please mail me at richard@richardandjo.com

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Last updated: 9 Oct 06

Copyright © 2001 – 2006 Richard Groves and Joanna Harkness. All rights reserved. No parts of this website may be reproduced without prior written permission.

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